Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who dunnit?

I bet that during your rambles, you've seen these plastic sleeves surrounding tree seedlings, and I bet you know what they're for:
Oooh, nice red fishnet stockings!

Not only are those fishnet stockings glamourous, they also protect the young trees from small critters like rabbits and squirrels. 

Now say you're walking along a trail and you come across these:

What do you suppose these big cages are guarding these big trees from? Sasquatch? 

This picture might give you a hint:

Or this one:

Have you ever seen the beasties who treat big trees like chew toys?

(These photos taken at Smith and Bybee Lakes wetland, Portland, Oregon.)

Thanks for the ramble, Randy & Bobert!


  1. And they can take a small tree down quickly. The shaving piles are amazing. They take pretty big bites.

  2. I haven't ever seen these protections out in the woods. They're a GREAT idea.

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