Thursday, April 11, 2013

Human Nature: How to be Happier

Hey, a little down at the mouth? Tired and bored of the same ol' same ol'? Spice things up, bubbala! Make yourself happier by doing something ... maybe something like:

You'll have to visit
Betsy's blog
to get the story on this.
~ Making and deploying a seed bomb (or ten)

~  Posting a message for time travelers who come to  your town. Here's one from Duvall, Washington. While you're visiting that link, you might want to read other posts by Betsy, because she is a day-brightener. 

~ So is Murr Brewster.

~  Go letterboxing.

~ Read a good book (suggestions in the comments section, please!) I just finished The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt and The Chronology of Water by Lidia Yuknavitch, both of which I recommend.

~ Take a hike. (Of course!)

G'wan! Start your own personal happiness revolution!


  1. WHAT?! You didn't recommend your own books!!
    Sometimes taking a walk with a camera is a real uplifting experience because you notice and appreciate things more.

  2. How sweet you are! Thank you!

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