Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who dunnit?

During your rambles, you've probably seen these plastic sleeves surrounding tree seedlings, and I bet you know what they're for:
Oooh, nice red fishnet stockings!

Not only are those fishnet stockings glamorous, they also protect the young trees from small critters like rabbits and squirrels. 

But say you're walking along a trail and you come across these:

What do you suppose these big cages are guarding these big trees from? Sasquatch? 

This picture might give you a hint:

Or this one:

Have you ever seen the beasties who treat big trees like chew toys?

Thanks for the ramble, Randy & Bobert!

(These photos taken at Smith and Bybee Lakes wetland, Portland, Oregon.)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday's Nature Quote

The entire range of living matter on Earth, from whales to bacteria and from oaks to algae, could be regarded as constituting a single living entity, endowed with faculties and powers far beyond those of its constituent parts.

~ James E. Lovelock