Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday's Nature Quote

If you wish your children to think deep thoughts, to know the holiest emotions, take them to the woods and hills, and give them the freedom of the meadows; the hills purify those who walk upon them.
~ Richard Jefferies


  1. That's how we grew up. Don't know much about being purified but the woods, fields, streams and ponds were a constant source of fun, surprises and awe. We took a lot for granted back then, wish it was still like that now.

    1. Yup, the last generation to run free, tho we didn't know it at the time...

  2. Just turning the kids outside isn't enough. You need to share some of your own deep thoughts and holy emotions.

    I saw some free-range kids out by Amity. They're rare and endangered, but not yet extinct.

  3. This beautiful quote reminds me of one of my favorite Gary Snyder poems.

    For The Children

    The rising hills, the slopes,
    of statistics
    lie before us.
    the steep climb
    of everything, going up,
    up, as we all
    go down.

    In the next century
    or the one beyond that,
    they say,
    are valleys, pastures,
    we can meet there in peace
    if we make it.

    To climb these coming crests
    one word to you, to
    you and your children:

    stay together
    learn the flowers
    go light

    --Gary Snyder

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