Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Best response to climate change EVER!

If you’re paying attention to climate change like a responsible world citizen, you might be discouraged by the efforts that should be/are not being made in response.

So here to lighten the load is a great suggestion from the Center for Economic Policy and Research: America should adopt a “more European” work schedule. Shorter work hours equal fewer emissions says David Rosnick, economist and author of the study. He calculates that even with the inevitable gains in vacation emissions, we’d still be better off.  

More important, the developing world has yet to decide whether to follow an American or European model. Rosnick believes that a worldwide switch to the European work schedule of fewer hours and more vacation time could prevent as much as half of the anticipated global temperature rise by 2100.
I don’t know about you, but I think this guy is a genius.


  1. Leaving the climate out of this--I've also heard that we're due for another big work-transformation, such as when people started working forty-hour weeks. Because there is less work for us to do, but still plenty of money. Or something. So we should be working four days a week and being paid a little more. Which requires that the people who have scooped up our retirements and benefits and everything else need to learn to share.

  2. I'm still waiting for transporter technology to be introduced. Even if it was just to ship freight, imagine the emissions savings!

  3. Here here! Sounds good to me as long as I can get the pay and benefits! I also always thought the Mexican siesta in the middle of work day sounded good!! At least it could be adopted for those 55 and over!

  4. It is a good idea that works for everyone's benefit. There could be also be optional prepackaged trips, besides just going somewhere, if you so desired you could also help rebuild forests or beaches, or further your education or even go to gambling resorts to try to improve the performance of your 401K with money supplied by the government. The losses are then sent on to where ever they were going in the first place minus the occasional winnings.

  5. There must be some research somewhere that shows we are more productive in the time we do work, when the work week is shorter, and the refueling time is greater. I certainly am.