Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Steel Winds

As the Latin proverb goes, “If there is no wind, row.” Except that in the case of Lackawanna, N.Y., there was plenty of wind on the shore of Lake Erie--it was steel production that had died down. 

Up until nearly a decade ago, the Bethlehem Steel Plant was the second-largest steel producer in the U.S., but mismanagement and the decline of the steel industry left the city of Lackawanna with a large, decrepit facility instead. 

Enter the company First Winds and its Steel Winds project, with the motto “Turning the Rust Belt into the Wind Belt.” 

Today, the old steel plant site has 8 wind turbines that, according to the company website, generate “over 50 million kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable energy each year, enough to power 9,000 New York homes.”

Imagine an America where abandoned industrialized areas become sites for wind or solar power production. Less rowing--more wind blowing!


  1. I've been such a fan of windmills and even think they're attractive in the landscape, but my birding friends are really against them. Maybe it's just some of them, in some locations. I hope that's it, because it sure seems like a great idea to me. I almost don't want to educate myself further about them.

  2. Here are some wind generators that are vertical cages with vertical blades and other non traditional big prop designs. I don't know if they work as well.

  3. I went to the site Bob listed and so interesting!

  4. Have you heard the comments about the whoop whoop and supposedly how it makes some people sick? Weird. We cycled past a flock of these in Eastern Oregon, I thought the low throb was a heartbeat of energy.

  5. There are large moving things in nature. They're called trees. Why don't the birds get beat up by them? Wind generators must be safer than coal or nuclear plants for the environment as a whole.

  6. Wind of Steel will make earth more green. Nice to see industries are using renewable energy. Catchy name btw 'Steel Winds'.