Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekend Haiku & Limericks

Your challenge: write a haiku or limerick featuring one of the subjects discussed here in the past seven days: Oregon grape, or something from Monday's nature quote. Feel free to mine the comments, too.

Post your haiku or limericks in the comments, below. Remember the pattern of a haiku is:

First, 5 syllables,
the second line has seven.
And 5 at the end.

A limerick is a wee bit more complicated. Here's one description.

Post your haiku or limerick in the comments, below.             


  1. If you ever visit the state
    of Oregon, glorious and great,
    admire the power
    of our dear state flower -
    the edible Oregon Grape.

  2. Try to remember
    Ecology saves science
    From eating the world