Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekend Haiku & Limericks

Your challenge: write a haiku or limerick featuring one of the subjects discussed here in the past seven days: shrews or something from Monday's nature quote. Feel free to mine the comments, too.

Post your haiku or limericks in the comments, below. Remember the pattern of a haiku is:

First, 5 syllables,
the second line has seven.
And 5 at the end.

A limerick is a wee bit more complicated. Here's one description.

Please, oh please post your haiku or limerick in the comments, below. 


  1. clever little shrew
    diving the waters for food
    made of star stuff too

  2. The world's full of wonderful things:
    Were-shrews and vast fairy rings,
    Dinosaur feces,
    butterfly species,
    and star stuff in old buzzard wings.

  3. Shrews using sonar
    Some swimming under water
    Furry submarines