Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Human Nature: Toward the light

Earlier this month came the shooting in my community's mall, the horrific event in Connecticut, and more recently and more closely for me, a disturbing encounter with a mentally ill man who, by the time the police showed up, was angry about roommates who repeatedly kill him ("You wouldn't like to die every day, would you?! Neither do I!").

I was unsettled, I was anxious. 

I know of few cures for this, but nature is one of them. At first opportunity, I grabbed the boots I'd bought at the mall, and headed for the woods.

It's the connection to the wider world, the large beauty, and the beauty in the details; it's the literal, physical grounding of walking a few miles that calms and soothes. It works whether you walk alone

or with a companion.

It also helps to know that we're turning back toward the light. Five days now since the solstice, 24 seconds more light today than yesterday.

In anxious days, keep your feet on the ground, put your arms around those you love, and keep on toward the light.


  1. Hugging trees is GOOD!

  2. Our connection with our natural surroundings is so calming and emotional at the same time. I feel so close to God and this wonderfully beautiful world created for us to enjoy and treasure.

    With me, taking my camera along to capture what I see and share wiht others is even more healing.

    If you ever want a companion on a walk, give me a call.

  3. Great post. Short, to the point, meaningful! Love Tryon Creek, as you probably already know, Patricia:

  4. It's amazing how calming a good walk is. Whenever the "yang" of life clutters up my head so much that I can't write, I take a walk and the words come.

    Grounding in a literal way is a good thing, whether you do it by putting your feet to the trail or your hands in the soil.

  5. Probably when people live on the moon and Mars the most pleasing places will still be the parks and places with natural plant life and trees from Earth.

  6. I recognize that place, you are in the PNW too! All the ferns and beautiful old growth trees... I love it here, too, and find it constantly renewing to my spirit. :-)

  7. I love the positive gleeful assertion, "24 seconds more light today than yesterday." Yes, and more is on the way! I feel solstice celebrations in my old grateful bones. Glad for the returning sun. The trees probably celebrate too, and really like those hugs.

  8. What a beautiful way to cope with the violence that surrounds us.