Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seen any good frogs lately?

Amazon Milk Frog photoby IslesPunkFan 

You may have heard of the frog die-offs occurring worldwide, and the scientific wrangling over its cause(s). In response certain species that would go extinct are collected and housed in zoos and other locations, with the hope that they may someday be restored in their natural habitats.
The organization Amphibian Ark is a leader in this effort. 
On a related front, scientists seek help from the public in contributing amphibian observations and photos to a Global Amphibian Blitz database You can help by adding photos of local amphibians--frogs and toads, salamanders and newts--along with dates and locations. So far 1325 species have been recorded. Can you add more?


  1. I've seen frogs on several of my hikes this season, but I have no idea what they are. And I've heard what I think of as "spring peepers" but I am in the Pacific Northwest where frogs must think of as Heaven.

  2. My brother lives in snow country, and every winter he puts antifreeze in the pump system of the swimming pool to keep pipes from bursting. He uses the non-toxic antifreeze of course. One winter, three little frogs took up residence in the antifreeze and they sang all winter long. Evidently, non-toxic antifreeze agreed with them.

  3. Frogs are really scarce away from the water here. Maybe once in a great while I will see a silver leopard frog in the grass. Up until the really hot weather this summer We had a large number of small salamanders hanging out under rocks, plant pots,and rotting wood in the yard. The trees have doubled up on the leaves this year providing a lot more shade than normal.