Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In case you missed it...

I posted these on Facebook not long ago, but if you haven't joined my page, you may have missed them. (And, considering how weird fb is about how it shares posts, even if you have joined my page, you may have missed them!) 


I wasn't sure where this National Park Subway map originated from when I posted it on Facebook--turns out its from the clever people at the Sierra Club:

A cool graphic to explain (painlessly!) why fracking is a Very Bad Idea-- from

Click on the link, and start scrolling down, down, down...

And here's a rescued baby manatee, so cute the folks at Grist can't stand it:

Photo by AMPA.
Maybe I'll see you at


  1. Wow---I did miss it---and thank you for posting it on blogger. I learn so much from your posts. And I'm with the good people of grist about this little fellow.

  2. I worry about baby animals, raised by humans, then released into the wild. How are they going to learn how to find their food? How to evade predators? How to relate to others of their species? I don't know if releasing them is the right thing to do.

    It IS a cute little sucker, though.

    Thanks for posting the facebook page.