Thursday, August 2, 2012

7000 Kinds of Amphibians!

Not the Peruvian glassfrog, because its photo
is copyrighted.
This is a paperweight frog posing on my carpet.
In celebration of the discovery of the 7000th species of amphibian on our big round wet ball o' Earth, here's a song guaranteed to knock "Call Me Maybe" right out of your noggin: "7000 Kinds of Amphibians" by the Wiggly Tendrils.  

Who keeps track of all those critters? AmphibiaWeb is doing the counting.

And which one is the 7000th? A glassfrog in Peru, Centrolene sabini.

And doesn't that make you feel good--to know that frogs and toads and newts and salamanders are still being discovered? 



  1. Like your glass frog, if you had put the frog in a flower pot you could have said it was real.

  2. Shoot, the carpet-leaf was too obvious!

  3. Yesterday I watched a green heron eat a frog.  It was a little bit of awesome.

  4. Very cool! I'm glad there are still new discoveries being made....a little bit of mystery is still out there!

  5. I'd like to know more about the discovery process.  "Oops, there's a new frog"  or one frog tells another frog who bellows to a scientist and hops off in a new direction indicating to the scientist to follow him to see the newest neighbor...or scientists just keep looking.  All in all, pretty amazing.

  6. I do believe the scientists are specifically looking for new species, and taking careful note of subtle differences that would allow them to shout "Eureka!"