Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Return of the salmon

Public domain photo. For great pics of sockeye, check out
The salmon are coming back to the Columbia Riverand coming and coming and coming. In recent days, sockeyes have been swimming past the Bonneville Dam in greater numbers in one day than have been seen in entire years.

Most Northwesterners know that salmon faithfully return to the very stream (or pond) in which they are hatched. And these sockeye are determined: they travel over 500 miles roundtrip to the ocean and back to their natal homeand pass 9 dams to do so.

According to the Associated Press, biologists credit the huge return to "habitat improvements ..., improved dam operations, and favorable ocean conditions."

More than 400,000 sockeye are expected to return this yearand "nearly all" are wild, rather than hatchery fishwhat a fantastic piece of environmental news!

Welcome back home, Salmon; we're glad to see you!


  1. So that means four hundred thousand dead salmon in the cricks?  This is a fabulous year for scavengers!  Vultures, party like it's 1742!

  2. "Well, let's see..."  said Bubba.  "There's salmon cakes, salmon croquettes, fried salmon, poached salmon, salmon ala king, salman caccitore,  etc."

  3. OOOH, I would love to go there to take pictures but a chicken to drive myself.

  4. I agee that this is great news!  I appreciate that biologists and the like are seeing that conditions improve for our salmon.
    I know that that die after spawning, but didn't really think much about it until I saw some large dead salmon in a stream last year.  You're right, Roxie, a feast for other prey.  I was wondering if anyone salvaged them for fish fertilizer, too. ?  Maybe this would upset the balance more ,however, if we humans interferred in this cycle. (We probably do, thought, don't we?)

  5. Bothers me when I send something off and then reread to find errors. Hope you get my gist!

  6. Oh yeah, no problem! (It's something we're all prone to!)

  7. (Would that be you and me scrubbing the barracks with toothbrushes?)