Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday's Nature Quote

I am not an atheist but an earthiest. Be true to the earth.
~ Edward Abbey


  1. Be true to the earth?  I can't even be bothered to water my garden.  May I have a more attainable goal, please?  

  2. Hmmm. Okay. Be true to the earth: don't take up with another planet on the side.

  3. For some reason while reading about Abbey's life I it reminded me of my garden.

    Is your garden like an open air market for the local wild life?

     Anything small I have to screen over or it becomes part of the mature sprouts menu.

    The big leafy plants that cover the ground are eaten on a rotational basis so I have some to look at, they have something to chew on and the rest is in recovery mode.

    I don't even get to wait in line to fill my basket before the local wild life start sampling the berries while they are still green, so there is no waiting time between the testing phase to the ready to serve phase. 

    Then we have the mystery treasure hunt for the little ones, where they dig up randomly selected plants, roots and all, to see what could be buried beneath the plant.

  4. fabulous photo

  5. All earthlings must eat
    Protect, conserve, nurture home
    It is give and take

  6. Nice.
    The nature quotes always remind me of the Episcopal Church's Book of Common Prayer Eucharistic Prayer C. The prayer is hope, mystery, humility, and responsibility, in one simple thanksgiving narrative.

  7. There is much to understand about our earth and how to be true to it.  Is allowing one's blackberries to multiple being true to the earth?  The wee brer rabbits seem to think so. Can an earthiest be a naturalist be a homeowner?  
    Have any of you read Crusoe of Lonesome Lake by leland Stowe?  (Man against the wilderness: the story of a 40 year struggle for survival) First printing, 1957. Mom has it in her library. This man and later his wife and family lived in harmony with nature, I would say!  Not to be confused with the other amazing story, One Man's Wilderness,about Richard Proenneke.  If their life styles makes one true to the earth, me and many fall short. I am sure there are little ways we can be truthful, dear earth!