Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday's Nature Quote

"Sweet Home Under White Clouds" photo by Jose Moraes
You must not blame me if I talk to the clouds.
~ Henry David Thoreau


  1. I blame the extreme stresses placed on a single mother of a teen in today's crazy world.

  2. I talk to the trees as well.

  3. I take their photographs and fall in love with their beautiful disappearing selves.

  4. I will never blame!
    While I may not speak to clouds,
    I dream for a ride.

    An elephant and a goat flew by
    while on my back looking to the sky
    And then a dragon followed them
    chasing a damsel with a sagging hem
    I did a mind grab to tag alongside!

    Oh, if only I could have a ride. 

  5. . . . blame him for what? Being odd? He's singing to the choir, here. Readers and writers of nature blogs are  right in there with him :-), offering more credit than blame. Nothing like a good chat with a cloud to clear things right up.