Thursday, January 19, 2012

In case you missed it...

I posted these on Facebook not long ago, but if you haven't joined my page, you may have missed them. And these are not to be missed!

I posted this amazing photo, which was soaring around the Web, not knowing where it originally came from. The photo was taken by Alan Stankevitz, and he has similar shots here.

An itty bitty species of frog recently discovered in Papua New Guinea is the smallest vertebrate known. It's smaller than an M&M and is pictured sitting on a dime. Here's the story at the Nat'l Geographic website.

Hey, you never know what will pop up on my Facebook page (like a video of a hooded crow, tube-sledding on a roof), so join me there!


  1. If I do that, how will I EVER get my work done?

  2. Letterman had an amazing piece last night showing a series of  "Perspective photos".  They had spiders, insects and this bitty frog...all in relationship to coins.  Way cool.  I'll see you on fB