Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Plan B

This undated handout artist rendering
provided by NASA shows Kepler-22b(AP)
Okay, so researchers have discovered "a ‘habitable’ earth-like planet, which is orbiting around a sun-like star." 

Kepler 22-b, located in our very own galaxy, is estimated to stay at a comfy 72 degrees Fahrenheit, has an orbit of 290 days in a year, and has appropriate conditions for water to exist on the surface of the planet.  

Quick quiz--should we:

a) hightail it over there, along with carefully-chosen friends and family

b) send the polluters and haters there so they'll stop destroying this perfectly nice planet we already have and we can set to work restoring it

c) keep our mitts off it as humans are not to be trusted with a pristine planet

Whaddya think?


  1. Since it's over six light years away, I think it's safe from all of the above.

  2. Hey! Buzzkiller!

  3. I realized that multiple choice could be so hard.  let me see, #a could work but what if your carefully chosen friends show streaks of human greed and avarice? # b;  we could use it like a penal colony like the one shown in Superman movie...but what if they escape? #c:  probably the most truthful scenario...can we be trusted as a species?

  4. I like (a) because it suits a pioneering spirit.  Growing up in the fifties, I recall an episode of "Disneyland" that described a space station city orbiting the earth.  I have always had a yen to live aboard one of those.  "2001" and "Silent Running" didn't help.

  5. Are the turtles permitted? How many books can I bring? But, really, let's stay home (d) and fix this one.

  6. Wow!  What a question.   I could think of several answers. 
    I just would not want the new planet to be  "set upon" and used like earth has been.  But I would like to think there are people who would want to start anew with a planet and keep it better cared for than we have done with earth.  Sustainability should be first and foremost.  NO OIL DRILLING!! I would love to think we could have an Eden of life with no environmental damaging.  But would mankind adapt to this?  I do believe there are many who would and could (huh, Pat!) and would thrive. 
    And a world where everyone helped to provide and support each other. No big corporations, no money-hungry politicians.  We could have "green" homes, all natural gardens, hormone free meat, clean air, and peace.
    Would we be able to share and not have some want to "rule" and take over?  Would we be able to keep corporations from trying to buy and sell the land?
    I do not know but would like to imagine a world like that.  I think this sounds like the colonies hippies tried to create!!
    Pat, you have opened a can of clean air!!!!!
    But how wonderful it could be to not have to pay taxes, to have everyone being supportive of each other, to use bartering, to have stress over finances gone, to have seniors cherished, and everyone to get medical care.   I am a dreamer.  Are other dreamers out there?

  7. Maybe we should consult the Vulcans before we make any irrevokable decisions.

  8. On second thought, let's send the polluters and haters there.  It isn't likely to be habitable by humans anyway.  No.  Wait.  What if it's already inhabited and they send us THEIR riffraff?

  9. Who named it Keplar?  I'm with Roxie. Let's send the miscreants of our population and move before they send them back.