Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Resistance is futile

The siren call is strong--how do you resist?

You don't.

You stop in and spend a pleasant stretch of time pulling intriguing books off the shelves, reading a few pages of one, being ensnared by the title of another.

I managed to escape with only four books this time; two I'd heard of, and two I hadn't. 

How about you--what are you reading these days?


  1. In the bathtub - "What Ho , Jeeves" by PG wodehouse. 
    On the headset - "Snuff" by Terry Pratchet.  Makes the housework so much easier!

  2. Gate of the Sun - Elias Khoury
    Cosmos - Carl Sagan
    The Island of the Day Before - Umberto Eco
    The Brothers K - David James Duncan
    The Power of One - Bryce Courtenay

    I find it difficult to read just one book at a time...

  3. Lost and Found: Unexpected Revelations About Food and Money - Geneen Roth
    Girls in White Dresses - Jennifer Close

  4. All the way through or here and there, reading or rereading . . . Kenneth Dodd, North American Box Turtles: A Natural History; Diana Reiss, The Dolphin in the Mirror: Exploring Dolphin Minds and Saving Dolphin Lives; Craig Stanford, The Last Tortoise: Extinction in Our Lifetime; Matt Kish, Moby-Dick in Pictures; Alice LaPlante, Turn of Mind; Jennifer Mather et al., Octopus: The Ocean's Intelligent Invertebrate;  Mark Pendergrast, Mirror Mirror: A History of the Human Love Affair with Reflection; Bette Lynch Husted, At This Distance; Donald Jackson, Life in a Shell: A Physiologist's View of a Turtle

  5. Geez, the only books on those fours lists that I've read is "The Brothers K"! 
    I'd better get cracking...

  6. I've just come bck from Lord Howe Island and am reading my way through the reference books I picked up there.
    I don't read a lot of fiction, but I just finished fantasy author Terry Pratchett's book "Snuff". Here's a quote from it I love: "I know that I am a small, weak man, but I have amassed a large library; I dream of dangerous places."

  7. Oooh, love that quote! (And all the info you shared about Lord Howe Island at It's on my list of places to go to.)