Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Nature Quote

What wondrous stories a water molecule could tell, of wild peaks visited on stormy nights, of quiet rivulets and raging rivers traveled, of the seething protoplasmic retorts of living cells--a zillion places visited since the earth's beginning.

--Ernest Braun and David Cavagnaro in Living Water


  1. Love this---can't wait for Friday Haiku day :-)

    Water molecules,
    having been here for so long,
    should get more respect.

  2. Ha! Haiku are always welcome! (Hmmm, how about limericks too--There once was a water molecule from a wild peak...)

  3. "Molecule" just doesn't quite scan for limerick form.  Maybe a double dactyl?

    Higgled Piggledy, pure water molecules
    travel the spectrum of time and of space.
    Once spat by Caesar, and now in a geyser,
    all over the place.

    Hmm - a bit rough, but, you get the idea.

  4. A double dacyl? Holy smokes, Roxie!