Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Whadda concept. Reverse graffiti uses grimy urban surfaces as canvasses—creating art by washing images and words onto soot-covered tunnels and filthy walls. 

Authorities are not quite sure what to make of this—can you arrest someone for cleaning the city?  When Brazilian artist Alexandre Orion created a mural of skulls in a Sao Paolo tunnel to remind drivers of the environmental impact of car emissions, authorities responded by cleaning the wall.  Orion then clean-graffitied the other side.  And according to, the authorities responded by cleaning every tunnel in Sao Paolo.

Reverse graffiti. What do you think?   


  1. This is brilliant.  I, too, have wanted to draw something on the wall of the tunnel going to the zoo.  It's like a black canvas.  I wondered how to do it without getting squashed by a SUV, but since stick figures are all I have in my repertoire, I might be able to scratch out a caveman scene.

  2. I'll come with you, Barb!
    (Police broadcast) "Women headed into 217 tunnel with buckets of soapy water and sponges.  Loks like the formation of a splash mob!"

  3. We must remember the Berlin Wall which may have been the prototype.

  4. I guess it was good to clean all the tunnels, but why erase actual art?

  5. That's awesome! Anything to make a city even a little cleaner and add some creativity!