Saturday, August 27, 2011

Scavenger hunt!!!

It's our first-ever bloggers scavenger hunt! Here's how it works: below you'll find 8 questions and a list of 8 Pacific Northwest blog sites that hold the answers to those questions.

Answer each question, and provide the name of the blogger or blog where you found it, and then send your answers to patriciaklichen at gmail dot com by midnight tomorrow (Sunday) evening (Pacific time). A winner will be randomly chosen from those entries with correct answers. Whaddya win? In addition to the glory and admiration of your peers, the winner will receive an autographed copy of Kidnapping the Lorax!

Ready? Here are the questions--remember to include the answer and the name of the blogger or blog where you found it:

1. What creatures are "all about real estate"?

2. What is J41's other name?

3. What can happen over time to large-animal species living on islands?

4. What appeared "like a zombie through the fog"?

5. What made the ground 'move' two weeks ago at Mount St Helens?

6. Spots on underwater photos could be dust/dirt or what animals? 

7. What is the kite hill made from?

8. What has many short tentacles, each tipped with a sticky globule of mucilage?

Here are the blogs where you will scavenge for your answers (each is a link--just click on it):



Wanderin' Weeta

Wild Fidalgo

The Metropolitan Field Guide

Orca Watcher

Wild Pacific Northwest

Rock Paper Lizard

Once you've got your answers (and blog or blogger names) send them to: patriciaklichen at gmaildotcom
Let the hunt begin!


  1. Patricia, I enjoyed this little quest.  Thank you very much for hosting it.

  2. Bravo, Pat, for devising and hosting the hunt.   Among old friends are new (to me) great sites to read.    Thank you.

  3. Thanks, Pat. I've added new people to my blogroll. What a good idea this was!

  4. Thanks, fellow bloggers! It was fun to put together--and I discovered even more PNW bloggers who I wasn't able to include--there's quite a passel of us!

  5. I will definitely participate in the next one...sorry I couldn't do this one! (I have a new job...the description will appear on my blog soon...I'm leaving the Colorado Plateau for the Great Basin!)