Thursday, August 4, 2011

Haiku Friday

Your challenge: write a haiku featuring one of the subjects discussed here in the past seven days: book festivals, hummingbirds, or something from Monday's nature quote. Feel free to mine the comments, too.

Post your haiku in the comments, below. Remember the pattern of a haiku is:

First, 5 syllables,
the second line has seven.
And 5 at the end.

Post your haiku in the comments!



  1. Please buy my book. Please
    buy my book. Please buy my book.
    Please buy my book.  Please.

    My red shirt is not
    aflower No free lunch here.
    Buzz off, littlt bird.

  2. Your book? You mean Sanna,  Sorceress Apprentice, about the young Sorceress who knits AND slays dragons?

  3. Hummingbird zips past
    A blur of red-brown feathers
    Up to the treetops

    Please read my blog please
    It's awfully eclectic
    No specific niche

  4. Your blog? You mean Pacific Northwest Seasons--Livin la vida local? The one at 

  5. The one at

  6. Pat, I do love you!

  7. Haikus on Friday,
    About hummingbirds and books:
    Except mine come late!

  8. Late is just fine, Kim!
    Even replies to haiku
    sometimes take a while...