Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Words on Wednesdays--novel excerpt #6

For the past fiveWednesdays, I've shared excerpts from Kidnapping the Lorax. This last excerpt takes up where last Wednesday's left off.

Tracker had ahold of the Lorax almost immediately, hugging her around the waist with his big arms, and when she continued struggling to get away, lifting her clear off the ground. She didn’t scream, but she fought like a wild thing, kicking with her high-heels—one sailed away into the surrounding trees—and scratching with her long nails. She was attempting to kick the now-yelping Tracker in the groin when Walden leapt into the fray. Between the two of them, they managed to subdue her. 
"Jesus! Fuck!" yelled Walden, breathing heavily. "Set her down, Tracker, but for Christ's sake, keep ahold of her in case she tries to run again."
Tracker did as instructed, placing the Lorax lopsidedly back on the ground, and keeping one meaty hand around her wrist. Maggie retrieved the far-flung high-heel, but was rebuffed with an icy glare when she attempted to offer it to the heavily-breathing woman. Maggie placed the shoe on the ground next to the Lorax, keeping her eyes on her, and moving cautiously.
“Fuck,” Walden repeated, but he was smiling this time. “You’re a feisty old lady, aren’t you?”
The Lorax pulled back her shoulders and eyed him with contempt. A moment passed while she caught her breath. Then, “Young man,” she addressed him, her voice ringing with authority in the now-silent forest, “you may have kidnapped me, but you will nonetheless mind your manners. You will not refer to me as ‘feisty.’”
Walden crossed his arms, leaned back, and regarded her. “Let me get this straight. You’re not objecting that I called you an ‘old lady.’ You’re objecting that I called you ‘feisty?’”
Feisty,” she loaded the word with scorn, “is a diminutive term. One virtually never hears it applied to men, and that alone should be enough to make one suspicious of it. It is a term that lessens the power and strength of a woman, and as you will discover should this excursion continue beyond this point, I am not a woman to be lessened. You may refer to me as ‘self-assured,’ ‘strong-willed,’ ‘brash’ or even ‘cocky,’ but you will not refer to me as feisty.”
Walden regarded her for a few seconds before he blinked. “No,” he agreed, “no, I will not.”
“Nor am I fond of ‘spunky.’”
“No. I suppose not.”
“Furthermore, for the remainder of our dealings here, you will neither use the vulgar term “fuck,” nor will you take the Lord’s name in vain.”
Maggie gaped from the woman to Walden, who slowly uncrossed his arms and placed his hands on his hips.
“Don’t push it, Lorax,” he said.
She didn’t reply, but continued her imperial glare. “Now tell your henchman to release me,” she demanded.
“Are you going to run again?” Walden asked.
“Would he catch me again?”
“Yes, he would.” 
“Then I believe you have your answer.” 
When the larger man continued to stare at her mutely, Walden clarified, “She won’t run.”
Tracker let go of her wrist.
Walden shook his head. “Tracker, you better keep an eye on this cocky lady. Fern can help me finish covering the car.”
Maggie gathered an armload of branches, glad for the work. “Walden,” she said, as they completed the job, “I’m really sorry. I’m so embarrassed. I just didn’t expect her to take off running like that.”
Walden grunted as he arranged the last of the sticks. “Neither did I,” he admitted. “It looks like the Lorax might be full of surprises.”

* * *
Kidnapping the Lorax is available in paperback and for e-readers at Amazon .

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