Friday, June 3, 2011

Haiku Friday

Your challenge: write a haiku featuring one of the subjects discussed here in the past seven days: skunk cabbage, bats, or Monday's nature quote. Feel free to mine the comments, too.

Post your haiku in the comments, below. Remember the pattern of a haiku is:

First, 5 syllables,
the second line has seven.
And 5 at the end.

Loved last week's responses and can't wait to see what you come up with this week!


  1. If a bat flies in
    better call my sister Ann
    not Roxie's brothers.

  2. But for the simple
    act of attending the earth
    one can learn of self.

  3. Regarding Einsten's
    gift of making things simple:
    He was the master.

  4. Batterup - is it
    baseball, pancakes, gross abuse
    or der fliedermaus?

  5. Pungent swamp lily
    blooms in persephone's wake.
    Hail spring skunk cabbage!

  6. He protected me
    from bats who tangle in hair.
    I was so naive.

  7. In my mind I think
    If only a cat could fly
    it would look like you.

  8. Lots of great creativity here, but I'm too tired to add to it. :)

  9. Fire on Half-Dome's top
    Call up from the valley floor
    "Let the fie-ure fall."

    Sparks and burning twigs
    Pushed over round granite edge
    Wondrous cascading

    Obsolete practice
    Ended decades long since gone
    Still lives in my mind

  10. Oooh, nicely done!  I've heard of "Let the fire fall!" and that it was spectacular to watch (even if environmentally pretty horrific!).